• Laurie Barkman

Announcing the Succession Stories podcast

This is a time of unprecedented change, and entrepreneurs thrive on solving problems. The ability to innovate and transform a business is a hard challenge, but it’s not a new one. Now more than ever, entrepreneurs need a game plan.

Multi-generational family businesses are a major part of the US economy, and millions of baby boomers are planning to retire over the next several years. Next generation entrepreneurs face a complex future with the weight of their family legacy and business investment on their shoulders.

I've spent my career bringing an entrepreneurial approach to mature companies struggling with change. As an outside executive of a third generation, 120-year old company, I was part of a long-term management succession plan. Now I work with next generation entrepreneurs, privately-held companies, and family businesses to develop innovations that create enterprise value and transition plans to achieve their long-term goals.

I believe that business succession, innovation, and culture co-exist in an important way.

To explore this more deeply, I’ve decided to record and share conversations on a podcast called "Succession Stories" to provide insights for next generation entrepreneurs and multi-generation business owners.

You can listen to the trailer below which includes interview clips with upcoming guests:

  • Tony Uphoff – CEO of Thomas, a 5th generation, 122-year old company

  • Shelley Taylor -- Family Council Chair, ABARTA; Associate, Aspen Family Business Group

  • Jim Rooney – Entrepreneur and Author, A Different Way to Win: Dan Rooney’s Story, From the Superbowl to the Rooney Rule

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Laurie Barkman, CEO SmallDotBig

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