Growing the Value of Your Company: EP Podcast with Laurie Barkman

Most business owners want to increase their company's value. Whether it's to make more money, gain more resources to expand their business, or plan an effective "next step" in their careers, it's important for business owners to have a thoughtful plan for the future.

Laurie Barkman, CEO of SmallDotBig, joins us to discuss her experience helping business owners increase their business values. Laurie brings more than a quarter century of executive leadership experience into her work, and she shares a ton of wisdom (not to mention numerous examples and the many frameworks she uses to help clients) in this episode focused on helping business leaders grow their companies and identify areas of improvement.

Laurie shares with Dan Hersh the concept of the "Hub and Spoke," and also the "Owners Trap." Two business challenges that can dramatically limit success by creating a bottleneck surrounding the owners time and abilities. Laurie shares numerous examples of these concepts, and details out ways to break from the traditional model of "owner does everything."

This episode is fantastic for experienced and new business owners alike. Laurie brings a ton of experience, passion, and personality to her work. To learn more about Laurie and her company, SmallDotBig, please connect with her on LinkedIn, or visit her website.

Listen now:

This post originally appeared on the EP Podcast

Laurie Barkman works with entrepreneurs, closely-held companies, and family businesses to develop innovations that create enterprise value and facilitate transition. Drawing from over 25 years of experience, Laurie hosts the Succession Stories Podcast speaking with CEOs and experts about how to create and transfer business value.

SmallDotBig is a strategic advisory firm for owners of small to mid-size companies. Our mission is to dramatically increase the value of your business anticipating a sale or ownership transition in the future. We help you get more freedom over your time and more happiness in your personal life. Our process combines Value Building, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Planning. Want a business and personal roadmap to achieve your dreams?  Reach out today. 

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