Selling Your Business for Big Profit - Laurie Barkman on Everyday MBA Podcast

Laurie Barkman discusses perspectives and strategies needed to grow and sell your business for big profit. Laurie is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University and the CEO and founder of SmallDotBig, a value acceleration and growth advisory firm working with business owners to maximize company value and return. It’s one thing to start a business, but another to grow that business...and yet another to successfully sell your business for a profit. Listen for action items you can use today.

Podcast Host, Kevin Craine

SmallDotBig is a strategic advisory firm for owners of small to mid-size companies. Our mission is to dramatically increase the value of your business anticipating a sale or ownership transition in the future. We help you get more freedom over your time and more happiness in your personal life. Our process combines Value Building, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Planning. Want a business and personal roadmap to achieve your dreams?  Reach out today. 

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