Addressing your challenges

Succession and

Business Transitions

Strategic planning to accelerate value creation as part of exit planning and business transitions.

We work with privately-held companies and family businesses to develop business transition and sustainable growth strategies.

As part of an overall business transition planning team, our niche is working with management teams on strategy plans to build enterprise value.


Our process develops a strong foundation of KPIs, action plans, and communications that align teams and drive accountability to execute with excellence. 

Market Disruption

​Assessing customer needs and identifying market and financial opportunities.  

We work with legacy businesses, small business owners, and next generation entrepreneurs facing challenges in a dynamic marketplace.

We assess customer needs, research shifting competitive forces, and identify market and financial opportunities to drive sustainability and success of your business.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Guiding traditional companies with corporate startup process and tools.


We partner with corporate startup teams and next generation entrepreneurs to develop new business opportunities and innovations to create value.  

  • What's the idea?

  • Why now?

  • What's the Business Case?

  • What are the Next Steps?

  • How might it scale?

Next Act Vision & Planning

Coaching accomplished people preparing for 

significant business transitions and their Next Act.


We work with accomplished people preparing for significant business transitions and contemplating their next chapter.


It begins with you-- your vision, mission, values, purpose. For many, this deep internal discovery is difficult without a sounding board.


We'll work together to address what's holding you back and bring your vision to life.

Are you ready to accelerate your growth?

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SmallDotBig works with entrepreneurs, private companies, and family businesses for innovation, transition, and growth strategies to create value and achieve their long-term goals.

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